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I just went with my mother and grandmother to see “We Bought a Zoo”. This film is based off of a biography by Benjamin Mee in which he writes about his story of purchasing a home in the middle of a real zoo. It’s definitely a very inspiring story, and sounds like a thrilling experience. I’d love to take a gander at the book, because I’m sure it’s just as wonderful!

I’m really enjoying all of the true stories showing up in the films these days. It’s just nice to watch movies that have a real background. It’s easy to relate to, and even more inspiring than a fictional tale. My two favorites from the end of this year are “We Bought a Zoo” and “Dolphin Tale”. “Dolphin Tale” has a little fictional information in the film, but all of the information about Winter the dolphin is true. Two true story films I’d LOVE to see in 2012 are “Big Miracle” and “Chimpanzee”. “Big Miracle” is about three whales that got trapped in Alaskan ice, and the story of how the community worked together to save them. “Chimpanzee” is a documentary of an orphan chimp named Oscar in his natural habitat. The chimp loses his whole family, and is “adopted” by another chimp, who raises him from birth. Jane Goodall works with this film, and it’s sponsored by Disney Nature. They both sound thrilling, and I’m so excited to see them! Rob’s in for a real treat taking me to see all these rescue animal films.

I’ve always had a deep love for animals, and I’ve always wanted to help out with animals in some nature. I’ve never been able to, but I hope one day I can. I’m sure there are places that I could volunteer, and donations are definitely everywhere. When I begin working in my field, I’m donating a good chunk of my money to an animal charity, and a human charity. Absolutely.


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